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Grulla Elementary School

Rio Grande City CISD
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    Rio Grande City CISD

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    Rio Grande City

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In the wake of area growth, Rio Grande Valley CISD elected to expand its capacity with the new construction of Grulla Elementary School. The site the school district provided for its new 625- student elementary is located along the historic route that the Spanish Escandon Expedition took in the early 1750’s as they crossed the Rio Grande to spread Catholicism to the north. It overlooks the historical community of La Grulla nestled along the banks of the Rio Grande River and pays homage to its people and creates a school with strong community focus.

The design theme of this two-story elementary school is “respecting the land, the people and the history of the community.” Consequently, the major axis corridor is designed to create a careful consideration for the touch, feel and sound of architecture. Functionally, the major axis corridor provides direct access to the “public areas” of the school, while a minor axis corridor that crosses it at a perpendicular angle provides access to the quieter “private areas” of the school. The Learning Center Library and Cafetorium are located along the major axis. The entire facility is a two-story facility. The earth tone, split-face concrete masonry veneer is stratified to depict the stratification of the exposed hill into which the split-level plan keyes and provides ground-level access to each floor.

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