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The Texas Board of Education requires fine arts courses at the high school level for visual arts, dance, music, music studies, theater, musical theater, and technical theater. In response school districts across the state have elected to provide 21st Century, multi-purpose performing arts centers (PAC) enabling student choice in fulfilling requirements and opportunities.

Edinburg CISD requested ERO Architects design three detached, flexible PACs for a wide range of fine arts activities at Ciro L. Treviño PAC at Edinburg High School, Albert Garza, Jr. PAC at Economedes High School, and Pat McNallen PAC at North Edinburg High School, all at a low budget.

ERO Architects’ innovative, prototype design is an affordable, 17,659 gsf state-of-the-art performance hall which can be transformed into three full-service lecture halls to provide multi-disciplinary learning spaces and maximize efficiency. Each area includes full state-of-the-art AV that works independently of each other. In addition to a 400-seat auditorium, each PAC has a stage, theatrical/technical rigging center, classrooms, prop construction rooms, boys/ girls dressing rooms, and learning centers for students. The PACs allow for the connection of community, accommodate different learning styles and represents a truly 21st Century learning pedagogy.

The vernacular architecture of the 400-seat auditorium allows the design to incorporate fluidly into the existing style of the current of each campus. The minimalist, cream color, texture, style, and material are utilized within the context of overall design with careful consideration for the touch, feel and sound of architecture. The PACs’ individual exterior motifs are renowned for their beauty and grace with which they aesthetically work with their neighborhoods. Each offer an entrance cover that filters the harsh sun light while allowing the lobbies to be bathed in natural light.

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