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Dedication, desire, determination are the three Ds that drive the Donna ISD’s 3D Academy. It is an alternative school that gives former students, 18 to 25 years of age, who attended school through the 12th grade but failed to graduate, a second chance at academic success. Originally located in classroom space at another location, the new technology-powered campus was made possible through an Economic Development Administration Action Grant. Similar to other high schoolers, students are able to earn college credits while completing their high school education through a dual enrollment program designed to encourage them to pursue a college degree.

ERO designed a 250-student green campus aimed at inspiring its denizens to learn. The campus calls to mind the pomp and tradition of the Donna Redskins football team and their drive to be the best. Lighting gives the illusion of arrows raining down, the courtyard pays homage to an iconic Indian Princess headdress and the building is reminiscent of a Native American ceremonial drum. The facade resembles the Pueblo Indian dwellings found in the Southwest. Roofing sun protectors look like feathers. The project provides an almost subliminal sense of pride for their school and in themselves to finish what they started—earning a high school diploma and preparing for college.

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